AUGEN-BLICK-WINKEL:   AUGEN-BLICKe (moments) – BLICK-WINKEL (perspectives)

Photography means to recognize moments, emotions or structures and to capture it at the right time with various perspectives. For this way of photography one has to take enough time. Time to catch or initiate moments, time for a relaxed atmosphere for the people in front of the camera and time for a viewer to take a close look at the picture.


My focus in photography are macro-photography, photography of people (portraits, nude and more) and a special kind of photography of nudes in scenic landscapes.

Within the people photography I love either to create moments or to capture spontaneous moments on film. Many of my pictures are not discrete, but rather tell little stories. It´s important to me to work with structures, to pursue them to find new perspectives and ideas and play with focus and depth of field. 

One of my most important photographic focus is a special kind of outdoor nude photography mixed with landscape photography. Nude models are photographed in scenic landscapes, so that they continue or accentuate structures of the landscape with their body pose.

Uwe Schmida (also photographer) and me broadened this concept with the help of the bodypainter Joerg Duesterwald and later the bodypainterin Léonie Gené to a special kind of photography. The synthesis of body pose and structures of the landscape is now assisted by a synthesis of colors ocreating mimesis. We do not use montages  or digital imaging to create this effect, all pictures are taken on location and all models are painted right there. 

The Weingarten publishing company released some of our pictures in the calenders “Metamorphosen 2017” (metamorphoses 2017), 2016, 2013 2012 and 2011. You can see our photos regularly at exhibitions and publications . Photo examples can be found at our joint website or at my gallery

Most of my photographic works are done with available light on location or outdoor. I work with digital and analog SLRs. 

Prints on silk paper or linen cloth can be ordered. Contact me for prices and motives. For linen cloth you can also visit our shop


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