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illustrated book "Meamorphosen" (metamorphoses)

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2019" Pregizer/Schmida/Gené/Düsterwald

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2017" Pregizer/Schmida/Gené, published by Weingarten

numerous articels at several blogs and online-magazines, for example and (South Korea)

"Best of Photography 2015", volume of photographs, spring contest, USA

fotoespresso (photography magazine, online), 6-page article

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2016" Pregizer/Schmida/Duesterwald/Gené, published by Weingarten

"Inszenierte Peoplefotografie: Modelle, Kostüme, Posen und Sets - Menschen konzeptuell in Szene gesetzt"
(staged people photography), dpunkt publishing company, Germany 

Interview at TechMag (Lifestyle Magazine), China

Videofeature "Metamorphoses", Model Society, USA

"Best of Photography 2011", volume of photographs, USA

Interview at "Braunschweig Spiegel" (online magazine)

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2013" Pregizer/Schmida/Duesterwald/Gené, published by Weingarten

ILLUSION, Magazine for Face and Body Artist, Bristol (UK), Spring 2012

"The Art of Bodypainting", PixelPerfect Publications 

"Best of Photography 2011", volume of photographs, USA

Chinese edition of "Brilliant photographers and their passion"

"Trierenberg Super Circuit Luxury Edition II", volume of photographs 

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2012" Pregizer/Schmida/Duesterwald, published by Weingarten

"Mensch und Natur" (human and nature, magazine), page 32-39

"Best of Photography 2010", volume of photographs, USA

puzzle "metamorphose", Heye publishing comany, 1000 pieces

Braunschweiger Zeitung (newspaper), 1-page article

"Grossartige Fotografen und ihre Leidenschaft" (Brilliant photographers and their passion), volume of photographs,
page 80-97

"Trierenberg Super Circuit Luxury Edition I", volume of photographs

fineart calendar "Metamorphoses 2011" Pregizer/Schmida/Duesterwald, published by Weingarten

"Fine Art Photo - The International Gallery of Erotic Photography" Nr 8, internat. photo magazine, "Metamorphoses", page 16-27

"view-spotlight - My Nude" März 2010, Stern/ View online-photomagazin, "Metamorphoses", page 20-26, online magazine

"fotocommunity [plus]", photography magazine, "Metamorphosen" page 32-35

"QLT culture- and eventmagazin", "Metamorphoses", page 32/33

"PhotoART", internat. Photography magazine, page 100, Fuji-award

Interview at "La Garda, magazin of photography, Models and Make up", online magazine

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